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10 steps to your dream home

Posted By Jason Hare  
08:00 AM
1. Pre-approval

Once you have your pre-approval, you can begin looking for your ideal property.

2. Find the perfect house

One of the great sales agents will help you find your ideal home.

3. Signed Contract of Sale

Sign and date your COS and send it through to your broker.

4. Valuation is on the money

The property will be valued by the lender to ensure you have not overpaid.

5. Formal Approval

Congratulations! Your loan has been approved.

6. Insurance

Now is the time to organize insurance for your property. Your broker can assist.

7. Loan Documents

Loan documents will be sent out to be signed and returned

8. Settlement is booked

Settlement date is booked and any outstanding funds transferred to your solicitor/conveyancer


BOOM! The house is yours. You did it. Pop the Champaign!

10. On-going service

Your broker will check in regularly to ensure your loan keeps pace with industry benchmarks. For more information, speak to the team at Open Plan Finance.

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