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Open Plan Finance

Secure your future!

Its time to look to the future

Open Plan Finance are here to help you plan and build for your future. Whether it be purchasing your first home or looking to expand your portfolio we are here to help you through what can be a complex process. Duplex dreams? No problem. Are you a FHB with a smaller deposit? We can help! Looking to renovate your existing property and are not sure where to start. Book in a time to chat and go through your scenario and goals.

What do we do?

Why choose us?

You can always expect Open Plan Finance to act in your best interests. I represent You my customer and never the banks. Ensuring your loan requirements and future goals are our top priority. If you have goals for the future for you and your family then you need Open Plan Finance in your corner.

With an Approval rate or 92% versus an industry standard of 60% we have the track record to get your loan approved.

Who are Open Plan Finance?


from Open Plan Finance clients

“We are so appreciative to Jason and his team for their invaluable advise and assistance in securing our property loan. From what has previously been a difficult process Open Plan Finance made all the difference and have changed our lives. We are so thankful to this amazing team and look forward to employing the firms services time and again.”

 Amy & Nick

“I have only had one encounter with Jason and he was fantastic. Cleared up all the confusion we had around our situation. Will be utilising again in the near future when our land is registered.”

Karlee Grayson

“Always prompt to get back to us and listen to our needs.”

Mark Allen

“So glad we found this financial service”

Sheree Lamb

“Nothing but a breeze working with Open Plan Finance. Complete transparency and great communication with the team.”

Brett King

“Great team looking forward to doing bigger and better investments in the future! And possibly enjoying an awesome Holiday with my family!”

Damien Cheyne

“Jason is by far the best broker I’ve ever used!!”

Wayne Trengove

Dear Jason and all the Team at Open Plan Finance, We would like to thank you for your work with the loan application and approval.
We are new to your services and have already recommended you.
Thank you I’m sure we’ll be in touch.

Warm regards
Sheree and David Lamb

“Thank you for your help, Carmel- this has been a great (and seamless) process… we appreciate all that you do”

Kristen Clapham

Thank you for letting us know. Your assistance during this period has been amazing. 
Rochelle and Jason
“Thank you so much champ. I haven’t met or dealt with anyone amazing like you and your crew. Thank you so much. We appreciate it.”

Jason Haynes

“Jason has always been super helpful to us. We never would’ve gotten our current home without him and we owe him so much.”

Nick Kuczer

We are incredibly appreciative to Jason, Carmel, Vicky and all the team @ OPEN PLAN FINANCE for their invaluable advice and assistance in securing our property loan. Our situation was far from straight forward and has, for several years, been a difficult process until we were recommended to speak with Jason. Jason, along with his dedicated team made all the difference and have changed our lives. We are beyond thankful and look forward to what the future holds with the continued support and advice from this amazing firm.

Amy Dambrowski