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Having moved to Newcastle in 1995 the area soon found its way into my heart. I am proud to call myself a Novocastrian and can’t think of a better place to raise my two children with my amazing wife.

Starting out as a property investor with not much of an idea initially, I realised that gaining knowledge and education would be vital when purchasing property and building a retirement level portfolio.

Having gained my investment education over many years from multiple sources, courses, and educators I soon put that knowledge to work and have purchased and sold multiple properties over the last decade. Investing and finance is in my blood now and I look forward to passing that knowledge on so you can “Secure your Future” too.

Open Plan Finance has a structured team that specialise in each individual step of the loan process so you will have 100% expert coverage through your loan journey.

The Open Plan Finance team welcomes you.

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Jason Hare

Having lived in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie for the last 25 years I have become passionate about this area and feel blessed to be able to raise my family here with my amazing wife. I started investing in property in 1998 with no understanding of loan structure, tax depreciation, or strategy on how to grow my property portfolio. That has certainly changed.

Along the way, I've come to realize that there's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to building a successful investment portfolio.

This journey ultimately led me to achieve a diploma in finance and mortgage broking which I love.

What truly excites me is guiding clients toward their goals in a way that aligns with their unique needs and financial situations.

At Open Plan Finance, I'm dedicated to helping others realize their dreams of property ownership and financial success. Your success is our success, and I'm committed to working alongside you to make your aspirations a reality.

Shae Cameron