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Why Us

Our motto is “If the clients are happy, we are happy”.

As a broker, one of the main goals of starting my own business was to give my customers a more streamlined, efficient, and personalised approach to the loan process.

You can always expect Open Plan Finance to act in your best interests. We represent you the customer and never the banks. We will recommend you speak to other professionals when we feel it is necessary. We will do this for your own protection to ensure your best interest are upheld.

Being a family man living in a relatively small city my reputation is the life blood of my business. To earn and keep your business, my team will work tirelessly until we have your loan approved and settled. That is my promise.

Our goal is to get your loan Formally Approved and settled on time.

Our intention is to make the entire process as pain free as possible.

My guarantee is to “ensure you are happy with the lender and product I have selected, or we will move you to a lender you are happy with, at no cost”.

Our customer service does not end after settlement. We are there to ensure your loan ticks along nicely over the life of the loan.

We provide customers valuation, property reports, loan top ups, current promotions on offer and interest rate decreases all at no charge. After two years we will re-assess your loan to ensure it is still operating at peak performance.

We won’t allow you to pay more when you could be paying less.

Our service is entirely Free. That does not mean our time is not valuable. It is. We are paid by whichever lender we choose to be the right fit for your specific situation and that has a product to match your personal financial requirements.

We do not have arrangements with any lenders and our duty is to you the customer and never the bank.