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What We Do

Open Plan Finance are here to guide you towards your future goals using property as the vehicle. We can help you consolidate debt freeing up cashflow so you can invest.

We can refinance you to lower interest rates and a more appropriate loan to allow you to pay down your home quicker paying LESS interest.

Or we can help you finance and structure a retirement grade investment portfolio in a low risk and easy process.

The goals are yours; Open Plan Finance help you get there.

We are here to be your finance eyes and ears and to support you through this very unpredictable and unique time.

I enjoy working with my clients to support them to build retirement size portfolios, FAST! – It’s what I do best.

My focus is to provide you with a finance solution that helps you achieve your goals for today, and to set you up for the good times of tomorrow.

Building portfolios is one of my niches, the other is finding savings when refinancing. Calculating the savings a client can make by simply moving to another lender is something I love doing. Let me help you!

Why choose Open Plan Finance?